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Our  Studio  Philosophy

Our mission in dance training is to bring a professional dance program in a loving positive atmosphere. When  joining us at the Pat Harris School of Dance, you have over 50 years of dance teaching  experience. Our extensive knowledge, compassion and a progressive class curriculum we insure every student is made important, regardless of whether the intent for dance education is for recreation or pre-professional, all students are taught proper technique. There is just about nothing we have not seen in our years as a family dance studio Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, we know you’ll find it here! 

Why Dance With The Pat Harris Dance Studios?


Classes are broken into age/skill levels to give dancers a comfortable, challenging and enjoyable environment from which to excel in


Educated professionally trained teachers provide a disciplined yet motivating atmosphere for students to learn and grow in


Tuition is charged on a monthly basis, with discounts available for multiple classes, military, family members 


​Family owned and operated since 1971, modest yet professional technique training, routines, music & appropriate costuming


We take pride in giving back to the Treasure Valley community through Dance performances, donations, and partial dance scholarships


Pat Harris schools have developed numerous students that have opened their own studios, danced professionally on stage and across the world.


Dancers achieve success in the classroom through hard work and practice. This work ethic transfers over into the school classroom.


Dancers are expected to thank instructors at the end of each class. In addition, dancers are taught to say thank you when given a correction.


Dancers are taught a dance curriculum but are often asked to express what they feel during a choreographed piece. Sometimes the student’s movement is so unique and inspiring that the teacher adds the movement to the piece.


Dancers perform small combinations at the end of class. Each choreographed section must be picked up quickly in order to move on to the next 8 counts. Once mastered, students are challenged to perform these combinations facing different sides of the room, as well as performing each combo in geometric shapes.


Dancers must listen to the teacher to succeed in class. Examples include barre work directions, floor stretches, across the floor progressions, and class combinations.


Dancers increase their self-esteem each time they master a step in class. Students continue to build esteem by performing at local performances and recitals. Hence, students are confident giving school reports and interviewing for jobs and colleges.


Dancers develop motor skills, coordination, and balance in the classroom. These skills are transferred into lifestyle activities aswell as games and sports..

Whatever the reason for taking dance classes. Personal enjoyment, self-improvement keeping

physically fit, or aspiring for a professional career - dance is an art for all to enjoy.

More than any other art form, Dance encompasses the total person; physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Our studio offers Free Wi-fi, access to power for your electronic

devices and a children's play area for your convenience and comfort.   

All studio rooms have viewing windows.

We are looking forward to our upcoming 2020-2021 season and hope that you  will come dance with us...!

Family owned and operated since 1971, come and share in the MAGIC thats Dance!

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