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 2020-2021   SESSION- l 

When are Tuition payments due?

  • Payments are due the 1st of the tuition month.

  • The first payment will include the registration fee and the first month of class upon enrollment

  • We accept credit card or check bank/debit cards. 

  • All account Credit cards on file will be transacted on auto pay on the 3rd each month. 

  • We are no longer taking cash, checks or money orders for tuition. A Full season payment can be made with cash or check, please contact office.

  • Registration fees paid are not refundable.

  • Please contact the office with any questions on the required tuition auto pay for this season.

  • Annual Dance Recital tentatively set for June 5.2021

  • Students performing will need to purchase a costume $50-$70


Time/Week per Student         Monthly Rate
45      minutes per week     
  -     $45    month
1          hour      per week       -     $50   month
1.25     hours    per week       -     $58   month
1.5       hours    per week       -     $65   month
1.75     hours    per week       -     $72    month
2         hours    per week       -     $78    month
2.25    hours    per week       -     $83   month
2.5      hours    per week       -     $88    month
2.75    hours    per week       -     $93    month
3         hours    per week       -     $98    month
3.25    hours    per week       -     $103   month
3.5      hours    per week       -     $108   month
3.75    hours    per week       -     $113    month
4         hours    per week       -     $118    month
4.25    hours    per week       -     $123   month
4.5      hours    per week       -     $128   month
4.75    hours    per week       -     $133   month
5         hours    per week       -     $138   month
5.25    hours    per week       -     $142   month
5.5      hours    per week       -     $146   month
5.75    hours    per week       -     $150   month
6         hours    per week       -     $152   month
6.25    hours    per week       -     $162   month
6.5      hours    per week       -     $172   month
6.75    hours    per week       -     $182   month
7 or more hours   per week  -     $192    a month

REGISTRATION FEE- New student $15.00,   

Returning Student $10.00  (Annually)


2    family members - each $2.00 off monthly
3    family members - each $3.00 off monthly

Military  Discount   - $1.00 off monthly 


When are payments due?

  • Payments are due the 1st of the tuition month. 

  • The first payment will include the registration fee and the first month of class.

  • We only accept credit card or bank card payments on a monthly auto-pay system.  We will accept a cash or check payment for the entire session contact the office to arrange.

  • Credit cards on file will be transacted on the 3rd of each month. on auto-pay 

Any registration fees paid are not refundable. Notification of dropping a class must be given within a two week time.

Registration Guide 


To Better Assist You In Registering Online: 

Students enrolling online under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or legal guardian as the Danceworks Account Holder.


Please enter any PROMO CODES / DISCOUNT CODES / QUESTIONS or messages in the NOTE FIELD


1- Fill out the registration form for account holder (Parent or Guardian).


2- "NEW" Credit card information (Please check the recurring charge box to sign up for monthly required auto-pay) You will only be charged for the first months registration fee and 1st month of class. On the 3rd of each month your card will be charged on auto-pay. Please talk with the office if you need more information 


3- Student enrolling for class.  


4- Select the classes you would like to enroll for. 


5- Write us a message in the note field to enter Promotion codes and questions.


6- Submit registration.


6- We will review / accept your request for classes and discounts for approval. 


7- Your registration fee and 1st months tuition will be charged to your credit card and a costume fee will be placed onto your account. later in the season. 


8-We will email you an account activation/confirmation approval that  includes  tuition cost per month,  discounts and  registration fees (If applies) & an payment receipt from your credit card payment for 1st months class & registration fee.  

9- Upon enrolling you are committing to our school policy's

10-Now you can log in for access to your account. at any time     


11 -Class attire and shoes are available at:

     The Studio

     Located at 1225 McKinney Lane Studio 


​12- WELCOME  to our dance family!   

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