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Why Join The Pat Harris Dance Studio ?

Pat  Harris  Studio Culture Teaches


Designed for us all to build a community together—young people, older people and our families.


Your dance family is probably the tightest bond a person can have, besides their own family. Your dance family encourages you, supports you, makes you look good, and never leaves you hanging when you need a partner for the next combination.


Dancers perform in hospitals and assisted-living centers.


Performing at local city events, nursing homes, assisted living, annual Boise holiday parade.


Dancers achieve success in the classroom through hard work and practice. This work ethic transfers over into academic's and life experience.


Dancers are expected to work with other members of the class, and learn to accept teacher corrections and accepting improvement.

Creativity and Discovery: 

Dancers are taught a dance curriculum but are often asked to express what they feel during a choreographed piece. Sometimes the student’s movement is so unique and inspiring that the teacher adds the movement to the piece.

Enhanced Concentration: 

Dancers perform small combinations in class. Each choreographed section must be picked up quickly in order to move on to the next 8 counts. Once mastered, students are challenged to perform these combinations facing different sides of the room, in groups as well as performing combos in geometric shapes.

Learned Listening Skills: Dancers must listen to the teacher to succeed in class. Examples include barre work directions, floor stretches, across the floor progressions, and class combinations.

Confidence: Dancers increase their self-esteem each time they master a step in class. Students continue to build esteem by performing at local performances and recitals. Hence, students are confident giving school reports and interviewing for jobs and colleges.


Dancers develop motor skills, coordination, and balance in the classroom. These skills are transferred into all forms of sports and fitness.

Dancing is a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:


1- Improved condition of your heart and lungs

2- Increased muscular strength,

3- Endurance and motor fitness

4- Increased aerobic fitness

5- Improved muscle tone and strength

6- Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

7- Better coordination, agility and flexibility

8- Improved balance and spatial awareness

9- Increased physical confidence

10-Improved mental functioning

11- Improved general and psychological well being

12-Greater self-confidence, self-esteem and social skills

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