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(Walking) - Age 3 

Happy Mother with her Child


Movement interactive class for baby and parent. Get your little one acquainted with creative movement and imagination. Toddlers feel comfortable in the classroom with parent guidance and encouragement. Our introductory classes offer a fun environment where toddlers can experience the art of movement, dance and moree. Together you will learn rhythm and counting while learning to follow directions, manners, and sharing. Baby will improve motor and socialization skills while spending time bonding.

Walking to Age 3    Parent /Toddler   

TBA  ( 6 Week Workshop )


  1. Name colors and distinguish shapes

  2. Learn to follow directions

  3. Acquire listening skills

  4. Learn to stand in line and take turns

  5. Discover creative expression

  6. Learn rhythm and counting

  7. Learn manners and sharing

  8. Develop friendships

  9. Acquire gross motor skills

  10. Adjust to the classroom setting

  11. Enjoy creative play

  12. Learn manners, sharing and fun

45 Minute Class

$60.00  (6 Week Class)   No Registration Fee 


  • Pink leotard or Pink Ballet Leotard with Attached Skirt

  • Ballet Pink Dance Tights (Full Foot or Convertible)

  • Ballet Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

  • Hair in A Ponytail, Pulled off The Face

  • Optional: Ballet Skirt (Any Color)  

  • Legwarmers, Wrap Sweaters,  Warm-Ups

Available @ The Dance Shoppe, located at the Pat Harris School of Dance Building

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