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The Pat Harris Dance Studios has a few new procedures for our 2020-2021 season designed to keep our kids and staff safe from the COVID-19 virus

Our new procedures include the following:



  • Dancers will be greeted at the front door of the studio.

  • Dancers will need to line up at the entrance with masks on. Dancers and staff members are the only ones allowed in the building. Pre-school classes: one parent or guardian will be allowed to enter with children age 6 or younger with the same safety procedures below applying. Please have your dancer dressed and ready for class (Hair tied back) before you come.


  • Students will enter one at a time, sanitize with hand sanitizer, get a touch less temperature reading. With a reading of 100 or higher you will need to go home or to your doctor.


  • Dancers will wear a mask when entering and preparing for class. Masks are not optional. Everyone must wear a mask in the building and for class to STOP THE SPREAD.  If your child cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons or personal reasons, please contact us so we can discuss options for the class.


  • Students will next enter the studio room to their spot (Personal Station) where they can leave (1) dance bag, drinking water bottle. There will be a chair for changing shoes and for parent of the pre-school students.


  • The dance floor is broken up into 6ft marks to ensure social distancing. Students will still have space to move around and engage in creative dance while viewing the reminder marks on the floor.


  • Please arrive 5 minutes early to pick up your child. Class will end 5 minutes early to get students in and out at staggered times. We will walk them out to the front and wait for each parent to arrive.


  • Parents are encouraged to park in the parking lot during your child’s class. Wi-Fi will be available for you to use that will reach to your vehicle. (We are working on expanding the wi-fi range)


  • * During class if a student complains of being ill, or sustains an injury and cannot participate, the instructor will send them to their station and call parent 1 listed on your registration. Please let us know if you have a different contact number while you child is in class. The student will be allowed to sit and observe until the parent arrives. Parents will be called to pick up the student. One person may enter with a mask on to pick them up. Parents must notify us if your student will not be at class.


Thank you for being such amazing people, we appreciate your support!

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