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Intro Tap & Ballet Combo

Ballet Dreams

This class is our progressive combined ballet and tap technique class for students ages 4 1/2-7. All Classes are separated by age and focus on introducing and building coordination, strength and motor skills without the accompaniment of a parent. Students will build a foundation for continued ballet and tap instruction while interacting with other dancers their age in a focused environment. Students will learn core fundamentals of Ballet and Tap positions, terminology, ,basic steps & fun combinations using the bar and floor combinations while building strength and increasing flexibility. The first half is Tap, second half of class is Ballet. 


AGE 4.5 ‑ 7     Ballet / Tap     Th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm   Studio  A     Morgan Benten

60 Minute Class

$50.00 Monthly  (3 Month Minimum Commitment)

$20 Registration Fee (New Student), $10 (Returning Student)




  • More complex tap and ballet steps

  • Barre work graded material  

  • Follow directions

  • Refine listening skills

  • Stand in line and take turns

  • Refine rhythm and counting (1-8)

  • Distinguish left from right

  • Practice manners and sharing

  • Execute gross motor skills

  • Develop coordination and balance skills

  • Learn dance vocabulary words

  • Space awareness in lines

  • Move through choreography as a group

  • Make friendships


Pink Ballet leotard or Pink Ballet Leotard with Attached Skirt

Black Patent Tie Tap Shoes

Ballet Pink Dance Tights (Full Foot or Convertible)

Ballet Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Hair in A Ponytail, Bun or Pulled off The Face

Optional: Ballet Skirt (Any Color)  

Legwarmers, Wrap Sweaters, Sweater Shorts or Proper (Lightweight) Ballet Warm-Ups

Available @ The Dance Shoppe, located at the Pat Harris School of Dance Building

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