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Age 9-12  LV-3  B/T/J  


Ballet, Tap, Jazz 

 Ballet: Class starts by warming on the floor then at the barre and then continues to center floor, followed by linking together combinations. Floor work, improvisation, and creativity are essential to these classes.

Jazz & Tap: Class warm-up begins either center floor or at the barre, followed by stationary movements to enhance sound clarity, and rhythm patterns. Students practice traveling movements and will continue to build upon single, double, and triple sounds

AGE  9‑12      3/4        Jazz             W from 6:00pm to 6:30pm          Studio B    Desarae Baxter

AGE 9‑12       3/4         Tap             W from 6:30pm to 7:00pm          Studio C   Desarae Baxter   

AGE  9‑12      3/4       Ballet           W from 7:00pm to 8:00pm          Studio B    Stephanie Smith


2 Hour  Class

$78.00 Monthly  (3 Month Minimum Commitment)

Visit Tuition page for other price options

$20 Registration Fee (New Student), $10 (Returning Student)



  • More complex tap, ballet and jazz steps

  • Learn rhythms 

  • Barre graded material

  • Execute fine and gross motor skills

  • Refine coordination and balance

  • Memorization in chorography

  • Follow vocabulary 

  • Creative expression

  • Learn rhythm and counting 1-8

  • Space awareness in choreography

  • ​Follow directions

  • Increased flexability

  • Confidence

  • Respect

  • Dedication

  • Exercise

  • Enhanced concentration

  • Build friendships and social skills

Class Runs September 3,2019 – May 31,2020  



Leotard, tights for ballet.

Any color, pick your style for Tap and jazz: Leotard, tights, sports bra, fitted shirt, shorts, leggings, fitness wear

Tan jazz shoes, tap shoes, Pink ballet shoes

Hair in A Ponytail, Bun or Pulled off The Face 

Optional: Legwarmers, Wrap Sweaters, Sweater Shorts or Proper (Lightweight)  Warm-ups

Available @ The Dance Shoppe, located at the Pat Harris School of Dance Building

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