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AGE 7-11 Hip Hop

Break Dance

Our hip hop dancers will learn the latest street dancing technique, skills and confidence. Hip Hop is an ever-evolving style performed to current hip hop music. The Pat Harris Studios offer the ability to improve hip hop style, increase memory and improve balance by staying grounded and strong through upper and lower body movement. The Pat Harris Dance Studios experienced staff brings excitement to this class with the latest hip hop moves and age appropriate music

AGE 7‑11      Hip Hop      M from 6:15pm to 7:00pm    Studio A   Sylvia Romriell

45 Minute Class

$47.00 Monthly  (3 Month Minimum Commitment)

Visit Tuition page for other price options

$20 Registration Fee (New Student), $10 (Returning Student)


  • Follow directions

  • Refine listening skills

  • Refine rhythm and counting (1-8)

  • Distinguish left from right

  • Practice manners and sharing

  • Execute gross motor skills

  • Develop coordination and balance skills

  • Learn dance vocabulary words

  • Space awareness 

  • Move through choreography as a group

  • Confidence

  • Building self-esteem

  • Respect

  • Dedication

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Endurance

  • Achieve goals

  • Reduce stress

  • Positive body image

  • Complex movement

  • Make friendships

Class Runs September 3,2019 – May 31,2020  



Athletic wear (leotards, leggings, capris, tank, t-shirt, sweats), clean gym sneakers,  

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