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Age 3-4 Pre-Ballet Creative Movement



Creative movement classes are a great way to introduce your young child to the joys of movement and dance. Ballet etiquette and basics such as classical ballet terminology, ballet positions, and movements are introduced in a structured yet delightful environment. Children learn basic coordination, body awareness and gross motor skills while exploring imagination and use of floor patterns are incorporated in this class. This is a must take introduction class!

(Broadway Dance and Event Center)

AGE 3‑4     Pre‑Ballet Creative Movement     

Tu from 5:45pm to 6:30pm     Studio D        

45 Minute Class

$47.00 Monthly  (3 Month Minimum Commitment)

$20 Registration Fee (New Student), $10 (Returning Student)


  • Intro to basic ballet steps

  • Learn to follow directions

  • Acquire listening skills

  • Learn to stand in line and take turns

  • Discover creative expression

  • Learn rhythm and counting

  • Learn manners and sharing

  • Space awareness on spots

  • Develop friendships

  • Acquire gross motor skills

Class Runs September 3,2019 – May 31,2020



Pink Ballet leotard or Pink Ballet Leotard with Attached Skirt

Ballet Pink Dance Tights (Full Foot or Convertible)

Ballet Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Hair in A Ponytail, Bun or Pulled off The Face

Optional: Ballet Skirt (Any Color)  

Legwarmers, Wrap Sweaters, Sweater Shorts or Proper (Lightweight) Ballet


  Available @ The Dance Shoppe, located at the Pat Harris School of Dance Building

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